Mish Kids Store is a trusted Online Store, that has been in existence since 2015, but officially launched in 2017. The passion of creating this store, came from a working class mum whose desire was to ensure her kids ALWAYS LOOK GOOD IN THEIR OUTFITS AT ALL TIMES. She couldn’t achieve that, because she had limited time, to visit the Brick and Mortar Stores due to the nature of her job. Her best bet was to shop online, yet was not fulfilled due to the scams, and inability to get high quality kids goods within the locals online. The quest for quality kids goods made her shop online, internationally. And she thought to herself, there are millions of Mums out there in similar situation, why not be a solution? Making available beautiful high quality collection of kids clothes, shoes and accessories from all over the world for parents with limited shopping time,who care to show love to their children from age 0-12 years old at every occasion.